In 2018 year, for the first time in the history of Russia, ANO "National Center for Engineering contests and competitions" organizing an outstanding event in the field of renewable energy – expedition “MOSCOW – Astrakhan” on the rivers Oka and Volga catamaran, moving by solar energy.

The unique research journey will begin in May 2018 year. The inspirers of the idea of ​​challenging the established stereotypes – the ship will take place over the length of the route 3500 km without a drop of fuel. Acquaintance of Russians with new renewable energy technologies is one of the most important goals of the campaign.

The expedition will take place in two major phases. The first starts in May 2018 year from St.-Petersburg – Moscow and will last for approximately 30 days.

In 20 cities along the way will also meet with students and schoolchildren, the press and local residents. Everyone will be able to view a unique vessel, learn about opportunities and prospects for environmentally-friendly sources of energy for water transport.

The second stage will be held in July 2018 year. Solar catamaran will depart on a journey down the Volga – Europe's largest navigable river on the route Moscow – Рязань – Nizhny Novgorod – Kazan – Самара – Tolyatti – Volgograd – Saratov – Astrakhan. The duration of travel is approximately 60 days.

In 40 settlements will be held a press conference and presentation, dedicated to the development of environmental technologies and improvement of engineering education.

"In the first quarter 2018 , the large-scale competition will be organized for engineering students. We want, that they have the opportunity to become part of the team and write his name in the history of the development of renewable energy in Russia, – says the president of the organizing committee of the international competition "Solar regatta", Director of the NGO "National Center for Engineering contests and competitions" Eugene Casanova.

Catamaran Solar is designed to 8 places, 3 of which it occupies a permanent team: captain, sailor, the spokesman. Other places in turn will take passengers from different cities of the route, changing the ports. Among them are famous athletes, active students, Ecology, researchers and sponsors of the expedition.

Currently the ship for the water campaign "Moscow – Astrakhan 'is constructed and passed the water test.

Technical data:

  • length – 11,6 m
  • width – 6,4 m
  • board height – 2 m
  • freeboard – 1,3 m
  • displacement – 5000 kg
  • wave height – 2 m
  • area solar panels – 57 sq.m.
  • power – 10-11 кВт

The event is held under the Project "Engineering contests and competitions" road map Marinette STI.

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