As part of the, devoted to the International Engineering Competition boats with solar batteries, from 5 by 30 October 2015 held a meeting with students of the leading universities in the region, workshops and seminars, as well as the head of the project "Solar Regatta" Eugene Casanova will speak at the II Congress of Engineers Far East.

"Solar Regatta" - Russia's first international engineering competition, during which the participants develop a team, design and demonstrate the capabilities of their swimming facilities built solar-powered. The project aims to increase the prestige of engineering education in Russia, promote the cooperation of universities and business, and support innovation in the field of renewable energy.

The problem of renewable energy is now relevant in the Far East, as mentioned by Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Plenipotentiary Representative of RF President in the Far Eastern Federal District Yuri Trutnev. According to Trutnev, should pay attention to new energy sources, were developed in the world and associated with the sun, wind:

"The power of the Far East have a lot of problems and contradictions. The territory and the possibility of the production of high energy, but it is complicated by the, that is not always enough economic potential for, to the efficient use of energy. What can not exert any influence on the formation of tariffs. Will not only solve the problem of reducing the cost of heat- and electricity, and we consider the use of alternative energy sources. In the regions, where it is necessary to develop a new business, there is often no generating capacity ". (Source: amur.info)

The "Solar Regatta" has successfully implemented 2014 year, when Moscow and St. Petersburg held its first competition in the solar-powered boats, which was attended by more than 20 Russian and foreign teams. "We have organized engineering competition" Solar Regatta ", to create a base of ecological culture in engineering, it needs to provide an understanding of pupils and students about the value of fresh water, air ... "- Eugene Kazanov, President of the organizing committee of the engineering competition "Solar Regatta".

During the existence of "Solar regatta" project was not just a student competitions, but a status and educational international project: training seminars in leading universities of the country, becomes partner of the University of Applied Sciences "Wildau" (Germany) - The organizer of the competition in Germany Solarbootregatta, based VDTS "Eaglet" organized by the children's school builders of solar ship "Helio Fleet".

"The urgency and necessity of these events is dictated by the need for engineering staff , and the development of modern power, the need for the widespread introduction of environmentally-friendly renewable energy sources, as well as the prevalence of individual transport, including, small boats like the law, and individuals. "- says Антон Поппель, vice president of the organizing committee of the engineering competition "Solar Regatta". The project has received a positive opinion from the Ministry of Education expert and Russian Industry and Trade.

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