23 July at the Kaliningrad State Technical University (KHTU) will host a scientific-technical forum “innovations, renewable energy and environmental perspectives ", which is the final stage of engineering competition "Solar regatta".

The forum will be attended by about 150 people – This student teams of Russian and European universities, racing boats with solar batteries, teachers and heads of children and teenagers from the Centers 19 Russian regions. Among the speakers expected:

– President of the "Association of German solar boat" Hartmut Ginnov-markups,

– Head branch vessels for atomic Russian Maritime Register (2008 of) Valery Zlygostev,

– deputy Director of the Joint Institute for High Temperatures, d.t.n. Oleg Popel,

– Deputy Head of the Working Group Marinette STI Alexander Pinsky,

– Chairman of the Non-Commercial Partnership Council “Non-Governmental Innovation Center " Sergey Bochkov,

– President and CEO Engineering Competition "Solar regatta" Eugene Казанов and etc.

The main topics of the Forum:

  • Current problems and long-term prospects for the use of renewable energy in Russia and the world
  • The use of solar cells in the shipbuilding industry in the maritime and river
  • transport
  • engineering Solutions, demonstrated by the student teams in the competition "Solar regatta"


The event program

Forum Innovation Program, renewable energy and environmental perspectives


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