Friday, 19 September, on the spit of Vasilyevsky island will see the presentation of the "Solar race" — international engineering competition boats, working with solar energy. Organizing Committee of "Solar Regatta" present a unique boat with solar panels, created by a team of students at the St. Petersburg Polytechnic University and talk about spring competition - Solar Regatta 2015 for the first time will be held in St. Petersburg.

First the participants' Solar Regatta "took to the start 26 July 2014 in Moscow. The racing team participated as Russian universities, and professional European teams. The winner of the competition was the team of innovation from Samara. To take part in the regatta Russian students almost 9 months worked on ships. The idea originated in the regatta 2013 year graduates SKOLKOVO. It was assumed, that such competition will not only draw attention to environmental issues, but also to enable students to Russian technical universities in the country to realize their projects, using the new technology. Last year, the competition involved 3 Teams from St. Petersburg, в том числе студенты Санкт-Петербургского государственного политехнического университета и Санкт-Петербургского государственного морского технического университета. The contest was supported by Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship in Moscow, and the Center for Innovative Development of Moscow.

«Солнечная регата» — не просто гонка, it is the process of creating unusual environmental courts. Prerequisite for participation - the boat must be driven with the help of solar energy. The boys build their own boats, while organizers of the event to help them get the necessary materials. As the president of the organizing committee of "Solar Regatta" Eugene Kazanov, 80-90% boats were collected from Russian components. Organizers have established cooperation with leading domestic manufacturers, employees Moscow enterprises read lectures to students and gave practical advice on work and production of unusual boats. At the same time, some companies are ready to hire young specialists-participants in the race. Knowledge and skills of the children were satisfied and the organizing committee of "Solar Regatta". "All the teams have refused our proposed standard template design and decided to make a boat to own drawings. As a result, the team from Samara and from Ryazan overtaken boat, Made in Holland on a professional shipyard, the cost of which is more 100 000 Euro. Our guys were able to pick up such technology, which allowed them to overtake the professional team ", — комментирует Евгений Казанов.

The invention team from St. Petersburg Polytechnic University also participated in the "Solar regatta". Лодка была отмечена призом за лучший технический дизайн по решению Экспертного совета журналистов .

During the presentation, journalists will be able to ride on a unique boat, communicate with representatives of the St. Petersburg team and learn about the use of alternative energy sources in St. Petersburg.

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