Attention! we consider participation in our program of summer camps for the summer 2018 year. For information and further cooperation, please contact us by email:

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In accordance with the decision of the Interdepartmental Working Group for the development and implementation of the National Technology Initiative (OBI) of the Presidium of the Presidential Council of the Russian Federation on economic modernization and innovative development of Russia 10 April 2017 , the number 2 NGO "National Center for Engineering contests and competitions" implements the project "Engineering contests and competitions".

One of the main objectives of the Project is the development of educational technology and the involvement of students in engineering work in the field of renewable energy in water transport. As part of the Project (2017-2019 gg.) change are summer on the basis of the existing camps for children to work with students.

In the summer, participants change during one shift build solar-powered boat with their own hands under the guidance of teachers, allowing them to real practice to try yourself in the role of the design engineer, designer, Design, Pilot small boat, team leader, etc.. (this method has been tested in 2015 year and on the basis of "Eaglet" VDTS 2016 GBOU year on the basis of the city of Moscow Cadet boarding school № 11 “Moscow diplomatic cadet corps”).

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