SOLAR REGATTA – 2020 in Finland!

Success of the project "Engineering contests and competitions" under the road map Marinette STI attracted attention abroad. In St. Petersburg, there was a meeting with the Finnish Association for Energy of the engineering competition "Solar Regatta" in Finland. Colleagues from Finland interested in the experience of the implementation of the educational project and work with pupils and students.

25 February 2020 , the NGO "National Center for Engineering contests and competitions" ("NC IKS") and Savitaipale Solar Energy Association signed a cooperation agreement in the field of promotion of the objectives of sustainable development (CUR) The United Nations and the promotion of renewable energy sources. The main joint activities 2020 year will include international engineering competition "Solar Regatta" in Finland, be held 8 August 2020 in the city of Savitaipale in the scenic Lake Kuolimo area.

In the world an urgent need to protect the water, especially fresh, this is one of the priorities, which occupy an important place among the objectives of sustainable development (CUR) – set goals for the future of international cooperation officially known, as "the transformation of our world: agenda for sustainable development for the period up 2030 Year "approved by UN member states in 2015 year. Fresh water - a valuable strategic resource and its conservation, important area for Russian Environmental Policy. Racing boats Solar attract public attention to the development of environmentally friendly water transport, educate future engineers, capable of solving the problem of high-tech from the environmental scope.

Cooperation with foreign partners on the environmental agenda and education is always valuable and rewarding experience. Finland is one of the first places in the world for clean air and water quality and confidence among the leading countries, which consumes the most energy from renewable sources.

With 2014 year, "NC X" annually conducts engineering competition "Solar Regatta" in which, today, attended by more than 28 Russian regions, project is part of a road map Marinette STI. Students and schoolchildren throughout Russia build solar-powered boats and compete on them in speed, agility and endurance of environmentally friendly water transport.

Calendar engineering competition Solar Regatta 2020:

All-Russian competition engineering Solar Regatta 2020Unmanned craft models of solar-powered, manned solar-powered ships:-for schoolchildren (V1, V2, experimental)-adult (Euroclasses 1, 2, 3)Russia, Nizhny Novgorod

Nizhny Novgorod,Russia
25-26 July 2020
International Russian-Finnish engineering competitions Solar Regatta 2020Unmanned craft models of solar-powered, manned solar-powered ships:-for schoolchildren (V1, V2, experimental)-adult (Euroclasses 1, 2, 3)Finland, Savitaypale
Savitaipale, Finland
8 August 2020
Partner events Solarboot regattamanned solar-powered ships:-adult (Euroclasses 1, 2, 3)
Germany, Vyldau
Wildau, Germany
29 August 2020

For the first time in Kazan: unique boat race solar-powered "Solar Regatta – 2019”

27- 30  June 2019 year in the Lake District Nizhny Kaban in Kazan will be held engineering competition "Solar regatta". This event will be held for the first time in Tatarstan. To compete in speed and agility and endurance unique ecological boats arrivemore 50 teams from  26 Russian regions.

event organizer:  NGO "National Center for Engineering contests and competitions". In 2019 , the All-Russian stage of the competition is supported by the City Hall of Kazan, Kazan National Research University Technical Institute. A. n. Tupolev-KAI, USC (JSC "United Shipbuilding Corporation"). The main partner of the competition – Kazan State Power Engineering University.

In Kazan, the winners of the school competition will be awarded the Cup "regatta of the solar" – Challenge trophy, which was established in 2018 year.

International engineering competition "Solar Regatta" held in Russia 2014 year. Engineering teams compete in speed, agility and endurance environmentally friendly boats, moving by solar energy. Previously, they were held in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Vladivostok, Kaliningrad, Veliky Novgorod and Grozny.

In 2017-2018 years in the framework of the road map "Marinette" STI 15 regions of the country were equipped with interactive platforms in Kvantoriumah, Centers of children and teenagers to teach children boat building solar and training school teams to the All-Russian competition "Solar regatta". With 2018 for the first time were held competitions among school teams, earlier in the "Solar regatta" mostly Russian students attended technical colleges. A new direction – competition Drone-ships Solar. This category was created to, to draw attention to the introduction of innovative technologies in career guidance programs for students in all regions of Russia. In 2019 year, organizers will present another unique nomination: 3D-Model boats.

"The strategic goal of" Solar Regatta "- popularization of engineering creativity and modern environmental technologies. "Solar Regatta" - is not just a competition between young engineers. We strive to bring "Professionals of the Future", having a technically correct and can navigate freely in the latest trends and technologies. Participation is available to all, who are interested in shipbuilding, Environmental Technology and care about preserving the priceless resource of clean water for future generations ", - says President of the organizing committee of the engineering competition "Solar regatta", Director of the NGO "National Center for Engineering contests and competitions" Evgeny V. Kazanov

Brief program of events, as part of the engineering competition

«Solar regatta – 2019"Mr. Kazan, 28-30 June 2019 year.

date Events
28 June
10.00 – 14.00
Competition "Solar Regatta" Day 1
Theoretical stage of the competition (Olympic Games)
Quarterly meeting of teachers
29 June Competition "Solar Regatta" Day 2
10.00-10.30Parade opening lodok.Torzhestvennoe. Greeting the participants of the event.
10.30 -17.00Competitions:Race boat speed (pupils, students, Unmanned craft models);Race boats maneuverability; Race boats endurance.
18.00 Rewarding competitors
30 JuneCompetition "Solar Regatta" Day 3
10.00-14.00Scientific and Technical Forum on the results of the competition "Renewable Energy in water transport"


Autonomous Nonprofit Organization "National Center for Engineering contests and competitions" implements the project "Engineering contests and competitions" road map "Marinette" National Technology Initiative (OBI). STI is one of the priorities of state policy in accordance with the request of the President of the Russian Federation. The main objectives of the project are:

  • development of scientific and technical potential of students, involvement of young people studying in the engineering and technical creativity;
  • improvement of educational technology and the organization of vocational guidance of youth in the conditions of modernization and technical upgrading of the shipbuilding industry in Russia;
  • forming social activity in internal boating and environmental safety of inland waterways.

Contacts for Media / Accreditation for competition:

Natalia Kaverzina, +7 915-050-90-45

Ulyana Lyubtsova +7 967 217 72 29

1. "PAINTING" (picture, picture, poster, cartoon)

22 September 2018 were held engineering competition "Solar Regatta" on Grozny Sea. Teams of talented young engineers, students and schoolchildren, competed in speed, agility and endurance environmentally friendly boats, moving by solar energy.

teams took part in the regatta from 15 Russian regions. For the first time in the competition debut of the team in Grozny.

The event was held within the framework of the Project "Engineering contests and competitions" road map Marinette National Technology Initiative (OBI).

The organizers - NGO "National Center for Engineering contests and competitions", General Partner of the Chechen State Pedagogical University. The event is timed to the 200th anniversary celebration of the founding of the city of Grozny.   

Elektrokatamaran with solar modules “Ekovolna”, passed over 5 thousand. kilometers of waterways Russia, He concluded his trip to Astrakhan.

The route ran from the Baltic to the Caspian Sea on the rivers: Neva, Oka and Volga . Expedition crew visited 20 Russian regions, committed more 100 stops in towns and spent 13 festivals “Ekovolna”, in which popular science lectures were organized, workshops, competitions, quizzes and quests for pupils and students in the field of environmental technology.

Кроме того, in cooperation with MGIMO and MGU on board was created “floating University”, where for 90 days passed study water quality and hydro-chemical characteristics. According to the research results, an interactive environmental map will be created.

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