With 29-31 October 2018 in Bishkek held Kyrgyz Investment Forum – "Heart of Asia 2018". Специалисты АНО «Национальный центр инженерных конкурсов и соревнований» приглашены поделиться успешным опытом и презентовать проекты в области инженерного образования для реализации международных инженерных соревнований «Солнечная регата».

Director of the NGO "National Center for Engineering contests and competitions" Eugene Casanova на Форуме «Сердце Азии 2018» расскажет об уникальном опыте экспедиции «Эковолна: From the Baltic to the Caspian Sea ". 5000 km on solar energy.

Unique Russian catamaran on solar energy in the summer 2018 It was held on the route Saint Petersburg - Moscow - Astrakhan. Inspirers ideas challenged entrenched stereotypes - to pass more 5000 km from the Baltic to the Caspian Sea on the rivers Neva, Oka, Volga, Kama without a drop of fuel.

"The use of renewable energy sources creates unlimited opportunities to optimize energy, taking into account the size of Russia, distances between generation and consumption. The use of mobile power plants can create a stand-alone, ecological transport. Efficient use of resources in the energy sector is a challenge for the young generation, – He speaks Eugene Casanova.

Competitions “Solar Regatta” and forwarding "Ekovolna" held in the framework of the project "Engineering contests and competitions" road map MariNet National Technology Initiative. The strategic goal of the projects - promotion of engineering creativity and modern environmental technologies.

На форум «Сердце Азии 2018» приглашены представители как государственных структур, and the business environment in Kyrgyzstan, as well as the large Korean, Russian and Chinese companies.

Main tasks, faced by the Forum organizers – this coverage of investment projects in priority sectors of the economy, ecology and education of the Kyrgyz Republic for the conclusion of partnership contracts and agreements of intent, within the framework of the event.

However, the forum will be formed by the group of companies Projects, and each project will be followed later in accordance with the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Organizers say, that the Kyrgyz Investment Forum – "Heart of Asia 2018" will be an important institution for the regional development of the country and will contribute to the implementation of major international projects.

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