Kaliningrad, 20-23 July 2017 year.

For the first time in Kaliningrad held engineering competition "Solar regatta", race of small boats, moving to solar energy.

The waters of Lake Superior 20-23 July 2017 It will be held a unique competition boats with solar batteries.

Engineering Competition Solar regatta included in the approved roadmap «Marinet» National Technology Initiative (OBI), which is implemented with the support of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives and OJSC "RVC". Competitions have the status of the All-Russian Contest of Engineers (VIK).

The project is implemented in order to promote environmentally friendly water transport on solar energy.


The objectives of the competition is:

  1. Promoting environmentally friendly water transport.
  2. Engineering student competition.
  3. Proforyentatsyonnaya Business.



– The organizing committee of engineering competition "Solar Regatta"

– Kaliningrad State Technical University (KHTU)

Calendar of actions for 2017 year

year. Moscow

(16-19 May)

Moscow International Salon of Inventions and Innovation Technologies "Archimedes"
year. Nizhny Novgorod (25 – 27 May) Events:

1. Demonstration performances in the framework of the All-Russia festival "I – constructor" – Engineering competitions "Solar regatta"

2. Signing of agreements with organizations

year. Kaliningrad

(20-23 July)


– annual scientific and technical discussion on the results of engineering competitions Solar Regatta “innovations, renewable energy and environmental perspectives”;

– boat competition Solar;

They will be selected according to the results of the competition 6 teams to participate in international competitions of engineering in Germany.




– International Engineering Fair and the competition

– International conference on the results of


Links to videos "Solar regatta" 2014 (year. Moscow), 2015 (year. St. Petersburg)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v = CEBpFJYJxiM

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v = pMqfB8fVozE




"Solar Regatta" - a project aimed at the development of renewable energy sources and improving the quality of public awareness through student engineering competition, An important feature of which is the demonstration of self-built swimming facilities with solar batteries.

Engineering solar-powered boats competition for students and young engineers during which each team designs, creates, experiences and improves their solar boats, limitation is the use of solar energy for the movement of the vessel. During the preparation for a competition for 4-9 months, the team develops and implements project launches, which tries to use modern materials and solutions and our own developments and inventions. In doing so, participants will receive theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and are the stages of team building and leadership development. Focus on the end result - the construction of the boat gives better motivation and cohesion of all team members.

As part of the project 2014 year have also been successfully implemented: Scientific and Technical Conference "Renewable Energy", exhibition on the development of alternative energy and innovative children's contest "Solar regatta for students".

MISSION "Solar Regatta"

- the promotion of innovation in the field of ecological vehicles and renewable energy sources.


PROMOTION the use of alternative energy sources and safe from an environmental point of view modes.

ATTRACTION public awareness of environmental issues, the emergence of a culture of careful attitude to natural resources.

SUPPORT Talented Youth, creation in Russia of the new system of additional scientific and creative education.

INTRODUCTION innovative technologies and support for authors of the most original developments.

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